your issues vs. mine until we both explode into silence

(for T.,  I promised bittersweet art about you in a late night drunk text I sent one week after the last time you left me).

Project Description as exhibited at YBCA.

Everyone has a talent. Kenneth Lo's talent is in his ability to revel in rejection.  Experience has made him an expert at keeping the light on, sleeping on one side of the bed, and wallowing in a person's absence as if it were a tribute to the one who has gone away. For this exhibition Kenneth presents a monument to another intense relationship gone awry. His sculpture with the long, borderline-TMI, title, uses humor and pathos to redeem failure with poignancy, and re-paint heartbreak to look like a party game worth playing.


Kenneth Lo, went to a good grad school, has shown in good places, actually does have friends, possesses charms that women can't help but resist, is a good liar,  and has made a bunch of really, really, really, really good art, but he has won zero awards.  He doesn't make art to win stupid awards anyways. He makes art because he wants to make you love him, or at least to like him enough to get laid.

His work consists mostly of different kinds of memorials.  Sometimes the memorials he makes are serious, and sad. Mostly they're serious, and kind of funny.  Almost always they're about the people he's loved, or should have loved better, or wanted to love  all night. Usually,when the work isn't admitting that of all the people he loves, he loves himself the most (all night), his work is about people he's loved and lost. Pretty much always, he loses absolutely everyone in the end-- just like we all do.


72” x 48” ink and charcoal drawing

72” x 48” x 11” mixed media and audio light box. Installation view.